RSScache and News Interceptor 3: Enterprise RSS Connectivity

As you know, you can install our RSScache Enterprise technology right on your own server. And now, it's possible to make News Interceptor 3, our nice RSS reader software, connect with your private RSScache server. That's right: instead of using our online server to crawl your feed, NI3 can now communicate with your own local server running RSScache.

What does this provide you? First, the ability to crawl your private feeds located in your intranet or LAN. Also, it allows you to rely on your own server to cache all feeds. Finally, since we can build a custom NI3 setup program, you can install our reader on all the client computers you manage very easily. Does your enterprise need to install a RSS reader on all its 300 computers? Then we have a solution for you.

To get started, download our RSScache Enterprise solution (free) and check the installation manual for full details. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are planning to add RSS capabilities to your network. We can help!